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VISHNU SOLUTIONS capability and equipment consists of :
Connectivity - IPLC -2 MBPS- Links Kolkata-Miami.
Capacity -200+ X 3 seats
Equipment Vendors - Nortel, Compaq, Plantronics, Emerson, Lucent, Cisco, Honeywell
Predictive Dialer -& MUX - in U.S.A for Data Security.
Nortel Passport 6480 Multi Service Switch at both ends
Nortel Meridian Voice Switch
100 MBPS Bay Network Layer 2 Switch and EPABX
Compaq Multi CPU XEON Server with RAID 5 Compliance
CISCO Router
Gigabit structured cabling with Lucent certification
Complete power backup from Emerson
100 KV electricity generation capacity
Adequate spares at each location to ensure continuity
Redundancy at every stage to ensure smooth operations
Vishnu Solutions
We have a dedicated technical team of engineers, technicians, software experts and support staff.



box VISHNU SOLUTIONS has a wide experience in outbound and inbound processes. We have handled various product campaigns in the area of customer products and services. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in handling multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Vacation packages offering discounted vacations to various destination

Medical Discount Cards offering a range of discounted and free medical benefits.

Long distance telephone services at flat and discounted rates with special offers. Inbound order taking and customer support.

Holiday packages for the entire family

Medical database cards and personal medical identification systems for individuals

Internet sites specializing in B2B and B2C process and software development

Trade directory and Yellow pages targeted at select audiences based on geographical locations and ethnic group

Pay-as-you-go Debit Cards from major International card providers.

Satellite TV reception systems offering complete services for 150+ major US and international TV channels, including dish, decoder and installation

Domestic utility services offering checks, repairs and servicing for domestic environment installations

Fund raising campaigns for various veterans groups

Technological base with a human face

VISHNU SOLUTIONS can be your strategic partner as our contact center has the needed reliable technology to support our global service commitments. Our technical platform is designed and supported by HCL, a leader in the development of customer relations. Our close relationship with the leader makes us a business partner that can help you to know and manage your customers in the most efficient, productive and friendly way. We can develop and implement CRM as well as customized marketing applications to suit your business needs. We offer open client-server solutions that use high performance databases that can be installed in the Internet, Intranet and Extranet. Allying yourself with Vishnu Solutions serves as a guarantee that you’ll be supplied with the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology and customer care techniques

.Confidentiality and Security
At VISHNU SOLUTIONS we can ensure both the confidentiality and security of the information that you and your customers provide. We work with all the privacy levels requirements of your organization, from simple confidentiality agreement to the optimum security level.



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