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Services we offer - PREPAID / POSTPAID Customers in Telecom for various operators

A: MNP Calling: Currently we are doing an activity of MNP calling for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers to get their feedback about services.

B: CRBT Calling: We can pitch for selling of CRBT so that we can directly help you to generate revenue through VAS calling.

C: MCA (Missed Call Alert) Calling: We are pitching for up selling of MCA service to the specialized subscriber.

D: STV calling: We can outcall the existing customers where we will inform them about the current promos, Special Tariff Vouchers / Rate Cutter plans and also we can give reminder calls to them regarding the validity of their cards.

E: Address Verification/Re-verification: We can call the new customers to verify or re-verify their details given during sim card activation.

F: Welcome Calls: We can greet the new postpaid customers through welcome call and inform them about various services.

G: HNI Calling: We can do HNI (High Network Individuals) calling for postpaid customers where we can capture/recapture their feedback/queries/complaints and can re-escalate them to you.

H: Complaint Closing Calls: The complaints you receive through inbound call centre, can be closed by making outbound calling where we can inform the customers about their complaint status.

I: KYC (Know your customer): We can capture data through KYC calling to existing customers and can capture their entire details including personal details etc.

J: Retailer Calling: As retailer is an important point of sales, we frequently call them to inform about the products and insist them to sell them.


Services we offer for Insurance Companies

A: Generation for fresh policy: The primarily work which the Call Center would do is cold calling and seek appointment for interested customers. The lead can be for Life, General, and Motor insurance etc.

B: Reminder calling for premium payment: As this is known to be the most important and revenue seeking activity, we do call the customers about the due date reminder of his/her policy. This calling should start 30 days prior to the due date.

C: Reminder calling after due date: We do this activity for certain Insurance companies as this is a revenue generation process for the company.

D: Complaint handling & customer satisfaction: To satisfy the existing customers, Insurance companies need to provide service to the existing customers regarding their complaint and grievances.

E: New product launch call: Informing the existing as well as new customers about the new product launched by the company.

F: HNI calling: We can do HNI (High Network Individuals) calling where we can capture/recapture their Feedback /queries/complaints and can re-escalate them.

G: Welcome calls: We can greet the new policy holders through welcome call and can inform them about the services they can enjoy.

H: KYC (Know Your Customer): We can capture data through KYC calling to existing customers and can capture their entire details including personal details etc to serve them better.

I: Collection of premium: Out calling for premium collection is also an important task which we do for the Insurance companies which assures the collection of premium on due time.


Services we offer for Battery Manufacturing Companies

  1. PAN India Customer Complaints Registration for UPS, Inverter, Power & Project Batteries.

  2. PAN India Registration of Warranty for Home Inverter Batteries.

  3. PAN India complaint Log for UPS, Inverter, Power & Project Batteries

  4. Battery Failure Report (BFR) through mail has to log from PAN India Customer.

  5. Free Advice to new customers regarding purchasing of new Exide Batteries

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