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A professionally managed group powers VISHNU SOLUTIONS. Its managers are business school graduates with prior experience in the BPO industry. The focus of our management lies in mobilizing every ounce of intelligence in the organization and pulling together the intellectual resources of all employees in the service delivery of the company. Strong corporate and cultural ethics guide Vishnu Solutions human resource management and training, administration, as well as other support functions. Vishnu Solutions, Click to view a larger image



At VISHNU SOLUTIONS, training is the process for continuous improvement. Training begins with fundamentals and philosophies and extends to feedback and specific skill training relative to performance. Ongoing training is a part of our strategy to build a strong efficient team of e-CRM professionals. Our training incorporates:

Communication skill to enhance every transaction, contact and relationship.
Customer service skills.
Customer focused product training, making it possible to provide detailed technical information about the product and services.
Telesales skills.
Pre and post sales training, including customized scripts
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VISHNU SOLUTIONS is a technology-based company but our emphasis is on people. We operate on the fundamental belief that individual skill sets will produce a genuine advantage for us in the global market.
We have dedicated resources to help each employee develop a variety of skills and knowledge. From an organizational level to an individual level, significant learning and development opportunities are available. Coupled with numerous and varied career paths our people have unusual flexibility as well as options for advancement. We are always on the lookout for good people to join our enthusiastic and talented team. Our employees consists of:
College Graduates with appropriate skills for selling and customer service responsibility.
Technical Executives with appropriate skills as per organizational requirements.
Management Executives.
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