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Vishnu Solutions VISHNU SOLUTIONS ,  has distinguished itself by providing back office processing services through a BPO and LPO center in Kolkata, India. This is an ISO 9001:2000 certified international call center that provides profitable BPO and LPO services to all of its respective clients.

Our strengths as a BPO company lie in providing direct marketing, telesales, customer services, surveys and inbound processes. We have evolved into a world class BPO company in India by providing our global clients with the best e CRM services and outsourcing through direct customer relationships.

Vishnu Solutions promises long term business process outsourcing, both in India and across the globe. This is achieved by cultivating valuable relationships with our customers through our esteemed services. As an Indian BPO firm we regularly maneuver our outsourcing techniques and services so as to reduce costs for our clients through regimented management techniques. These BPO techniques involve monitoring agents’ performance and evaluating their routine on a regular basis.

As a BPO company, Vishnu Solutions works with an objective of providing in-depth training to its respective employees, with reference to clients’ programs and industry standard practices. We credit our success to those BPO services. Together they work to combine people with process and technology, thereby strengthening the quality of teamwork through innovative tools.

We offer a range of LPO services to various law firms and to our BPO clients. Having work done from a single vendor greatly benefits our clients as it ensures confidentiality and quality work, thus reducing the overall cost.

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