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Off shoring

Off-shoring is commonly viewed as a mode of easing pain—specifically, the high operational cost in the West

73% of offshore arrangements support companies’ growth strategies, with 32% of those initiatives involving product innovation and design, R&D etc.

Areas of Operation

۞ Personal Injury ۞ Real Estate

Legal Services


Drafting Motions, Responses


Paralegal Services

Demand & Mediation Package

Drafting of Complaints & Answers

Scheduling Orders

Drafting various Motions

Drafting of Questionnaires

Notice of Appeal


Secretarial Services

Case mapping

Document Production

Document Management

Document Coding


Legal Services

Preparation of Title & Survey Reports

Lease Review


Paralegal Services

Discoveries and Responses

Due Diligence Support

Secretarial Services

Document Production

Document Management

Document Review


Contract Management

Contract management services encompass various business functions, such as drafting multifarious contracts ranging from employment contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), licensing agreements, lease agreements, distributor agreements, material transfer agreements, inter-institutional agreements, research agreements, service agreements, collaboration agreements, sub award or sub contract, unfunded agreements, team agreements to visitors agreements, electronic contracts & industry specific contracts. 

Contract Drafting

Management & Presentation

Contract review & Analysis

Contract Summarization

۞ Family Law

Legal Services

Legal Research

Pleadings and Answers

Motions and Response to Motions

Appellate Brief

Drafting Memorandums


Paralegal Services

Document Summary



Discoveries and Responses


Structured Settlements

Patent Search

Patentability Assessment/ Novelty Search

Prior Art Search

Validity/Invalidity Research

Infringement Search

Fto/Ftp & Product Clearance Search

State-of-the-art Search


Patent Drafting

Drafting of Claims

Drafting of Applications are National Law and under PCT

Patent Drawings and Illustrations

Drafting Response to the Examiner's Objections

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